Lebanesethyme.com is the idea of young Lebanese people, to bring to internet the well-known tasty thyme with quality ingredients and recipes. Our target is to let the internet surfers enjoy tasting the rarest plant existing in the smallest country at the Mediterranean Sea named Lebanon.

Our product comes from the holy nature of Lebanon.

Thyme known as “Zaatar” in Lebanon grew in the Lebanese highest mountains known as “Jered” from our Lebanese ancestors.

This plant is unique by its form, smell, taste and rareness to be found in nature.

Therefore, the thyme started to be the center of many experiments, which leads to discover its important benefits for the human body and on the psychological plan as well.

The fields from were we pick the thyme are surrounding the villages of Bentael and Mechehlan.  Bentael is a natural reserve located at 550 meters above the Sea. Bentael means the daughter of God in the old Syriac language.

Fields of Bentael and Michehlan from where we pick our thymes

Lebanese thymes is used today by those who have an interest in nature remedies:

1. Antiseptic: Freshly picked thyme is a fantastic natural antiseptic for those garden cuts and scrapes and as an oil is proven to fight disease causing fungus and bacteria.

2. Digestive Aid: Thymol and Carvacol, found within the plant are shown to relax the muscle tissue of the gastrointestinal tract. This acts as an anti-spasmodic backing up Thymes traditional use as a digestion aid.

3. Womens Health: Not only do the Anti-spasmodic characteristics aid digestion, they also help relieve menstual cramps.

4. Cough Remedy: "thyme is to the Trachea (windpipe) and the bronchi what peppermint is to the stomach and intestines" so wrote Rudolph Weiss. This is to say that as a soothing remedy for cough disorders.

Bunches of Natural Thyme from Lebanese fields Bentael and Michehlan

Picking Thyme

Drying Thyme

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