Four elements constitute the thyme recipes and give it the best taste: thyme, sumac, sesame and salt. All are mixed in a special way and following determined quantities.

A Mediterranean plant, born in mountains and gardens. Some people have it next to their homes and they use for health purpose and as a remedy for medicines. The sumac looks like the grape but with small and red fruit with a strong acid taste. It starts to grow in spring and becomes mature at the beginning of the summer. The strange and mysterious thing is that we use the cover of the fruits for consuming.

Sesame seeds:
Pale cream-colored seeds of a plant widely grown in tropical regions. They are oily and highly nutritious.

The thyme plant is picked with its flower and we take off the leaves. Leaves are put on a tissue in a dark place (without direct light of sun) for a period of one week then leaves are left to dry until they become very smooth with a delicious taste. Then sesame is grilled and mixed with some elements in determined quantities, adding salt. Any mistake in ingredients can lead to change the main taste of thyme.

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